Published: May 20, 2019

There’s a lot to keep up with in this dynamic industry! In case you’ve been enjoying the warmer weather (rather than reading up on current events), we’re bringing you a digest this month on four news items you may have missed.

New Trade Agreement

The US-Mexico-Canada Agreement, which was signed by the country’s three leaders last fall, has not been ratified by any of the three governments. A recent report from the US International Trade Commission predicts only small benefits to the United States, but the Trump administration is pushing for approval. Congress however, now ruled by Democrats, is not on board. And with the US tariffs imposed last year on Canadian goods, the chances of Canada approving the agreement before the summer break are slim. Not everyone was happy with the deal anyway, and some say leaving the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement in effective would be a good thing.

Cargo Theft

A report from Northbridge Insurance says that cargo thieves are getting more sophisticated, stealing refrigerated goods, as well as entire trailers. Mixed loads continue to be the most often stolen, with food products, particularly meat, being the second most popular, followed by metals and alloys. In BC, lumber and heavy equipment thefts are on the rise. You can read the full report here

ELD Rules Coming Soon-ish

Mike Millian, president of the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada, told that he expects the final version of the electronic logging device legislation to be published this summer. Millan says that Canada is now in favour of third-party certification for the devices – after seeing that self-certification by manufacturers was not working in the US – and this caused part of the delay. The implementation and grandfathering periods could also change from the initial draft. 

Driver Injury Prevention

WorkSafeBC has published three new information sheets aimed at reducing truck driver injuries.

  1. Landing Gear
  2. Pry Bars
  3. Straps

Stay safe out there!

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