Published: June 25, 2019

Refrigerated trailers are called “reefers,” and we use them to transport perishable food products throughout North America. Some foods though, don’t need refrigeration, and in fact, can lose some of their quality if kept in a fridge.
As you’re planning your camping trips and other summer adventures, we thought we’d help you make the most of your cooler space by sharing this list of no-fridge foods.


Melons: That huge watermelon is going to be delicious! Any whole melon can be kept out and will actually be more nutritious if it’s not refrigerated. After it’s cut though, you do need to keep the leftovers in the fridge or cooler.

Apples and Oranges: Like melons, kept whole, these healthy snacks do not need refrigeration.

Potatoes and Onions: While these root vegetables are a very tasty match when cooked together, they need to be keep separate for storage. They will last a lot longer if kept dry and cool-ish, but not in a fridge or cooler.

Tomatoes: An appetizing addition to any sandwich, tomatoes will taste better and have a more natural texture if left out of the fridge.

Bread: Sliced bread that comes in a plastic bag will keep better out of the fridge with the bag tightly closed. It should last about five days. If you need it to last longer, freezing is best, but keeping it in the cooler or fridge will also help. If you toast this bread, it will be fine, but might be a bit dry for sandwiches.

Avocados: Take a piece of that toast and an avocado and voila! You’ll have a tasty, trendy breakfast to enjoy. If the avocados are already ripe, it is best to put them in the fridge or cooler. If they’re a bit green though, room temp will let them ripen. If you need super-fast ripening, put them in a paper bag in a warm spot.

Peanut Butter and Honey: Old fashioned, but still a favourite bread spread combo. Neither need refrigeration.

Vegetable Oil: You’ll need this for your fresh caught fish fry! No cooling required. (If you’re taking any nut oils along though, these do need to be kept refrigerated.)


Safe travels!

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