Published: November 2, 2020

If you’re feeling a little like Alice in Wonderland, know that you are among others taking this year – that there simply are no words to describe – one day at a time.

For some, each day ticks away second by second. For others, one day blurs into another, and suddenly it’s November. This is a storm. Admittedly a bad storm, but those before it, we’ll get through it by sticking together. Find solace by talking about how you’re feeling, what you’re anxious about, to your friends, families, counsellors, to get the support you need. You keep talking, we’ll keep trucking!



Since we can’t avoid the subject of the pandemic, there are a few good news stories showing support for drivers and other essential workers. The Government of Canada and the Province of Alberta have teamed up on a pilot project that will provide COVOD-19 tests on a voluntary basis to drivers crossing at Coutts. It’s only a pilot, but a great first step in keeping people safe and the supply chain moving.

In Ontario, the provincial College of Physicians and Surgeons has clarified its policy on treating truck drivers who cross the border from the United States into Canada for essential operations, to allow physicians to see drivers in their clinics, even if they haven’t isolated for 14 days. There are some safety restrictions, but again, this is good news going forward.

If you’re still confused about the rules around drivers deducting meal and accommodation expenses on their income tax, Turbotax has provided some information and examples.


Transport Minister Marc Garneau has announced the first organization to be authorized as an ELD certification body. ELDs will be mandatory in Canada as of June 12, 2021, but manufacturers must have them certified before they can be sold. FPInnovations, a private not-for-profit organization, has now been authorized to conduct those certifications.

Canada Border Service Agency is ending the Turnaround Interim Policy relating to Advanced Commercial Information (ACI) on November 2. The policy allowed drivers entering Canada to turnaround and go back to the US if their ACI data had not been properly or correctly submitted, without penalty. As of Nov. 3, while carriers will still have the option of returning to the US to wait for ACI data to be corrected, or park and wait at a port of entry to wait for the correction, monetary penalties may be imposed if it’s the Agency that discovers inaccurate or missing information. There’s a bit more information here and at

The Ontario government is building four new rest areas and repairing or expanding 10 existing facilities along provincial highways in Northern Ontario, including more bathrooms, improved lighting, and increased parking. This is part of the government's plan to connect communities, build safer and better highways, help combat human trafficking, and keep the supply chain strong.

While we’re not in the business of small package delivery, we can definitely relate to Canada Post’s request for you to shop and send Christmas packages early this year. They are getting ready for a deluge by adding more than 4,000 temporary seasonal employees, increasing their delivery fleet by more than 1,000 vehicles, adding key equipment, weekend deliveries, and more parcel pickup locations. Even then though, if you want your gifts to arrive by December 24th, get busy



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