Published: January 26, 2021

It sometimes seems like a bad dream, but 2020 was more of a wake-up call to a new reality. The ever-changing world changed at a pace unprecedented and unexpected. It wasn’t pleasant, but the lessons learned weren’t all bad. Still, it can be difficult to shake it off when “normal” is a word we can’t even define anymore. So, how are you approaching this new year? Here are a few suggestions that may help.




Define your business bubble – While you can’t hide from global influences, not all of them have an impact on your business. If you listen to all the news, all the time, it gets overwhelming very quickly. Looking back at last year, which global issues had an impact, and which ones didn’t? Consider the issues that do influence your operations and your markets. Pay attention to those, and do your best to tune out the rest.

Set long term goals and short term objectives – It is still really important to set long-term goals for your business. Your objectives, or the actions you take to reach those goals, may need to change more frequently than in the past, but your long-term goals keep you focused on the direction you want to head.

Focus on what you can change – Your ability to influence others will always be less than your ability to change what is within your own authority. Spending some time thinking creatively about how you can adjust to influences out of your control is worth the time and effort. Could you swap a crop? Ramp up production? Find customers in a different region? Be aware of your capability to alter course if needed.

Make plans for the most likely circumstances – It is far easier to change a plan than it is to wing it on any given day. You know your business and your customers better than anyone else, so use that knowledge to create a more detailed plan of action based on your goals and objectives. You may need to take a detour now and then, but you’ll still be heading in the right direction.

Share your plans with staff, partners, and key customers – Remember that others benefit from your success. There are advantages to letting them know what you want to achieve and your plan to get there. First, working towards a shared goal is motivating for all stakeholders. Second, they may notice things that indicate a challenge ahead and bring it to your attention earlier than you would notice yourself. Third, if a problem is identified, they may have ideas for solutions that make that detour much shorter. And if any of those challenges are related to logistics, we’re here for you. Just give us a call.




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