Published: July 28, 2021

After more than a year of restrictions on where we could go, a road trip might be just what you need to regain your sense of freedom and adventure. It might also be time to take a little vacation from those devices that we’ve relied on so heavily these past months.




Back in the day before cell phones, the CB radio was every trucker’s way to communicate with others. It was a safety measure, a way to share information about road conditions, and a way to chat with colleagues, although to the layperson, that chatter may have sounded non-sensical.

While big rig drivers adopted the 10 codes that first responders used, (as in, 10-4 to indicate the message was acknowledged), they also created their own terms like “bear in the air” to tell other drivers that there was a police helicopter overhead.

If some of your travel companions need a bit of entertainment en route to your destination, have some fun making up your own road trip lingo. Here are a few golden oldies to get you started.

Gator in the granny lane just passed the chicken coop.
There’s a blown tire on the road, in the slow lane, just passed the weigh station.

We’ve got to turn and burn. I left my wallet at the eat 'em up. 
We’ve got to go back quickly. I left my wallet at the restaurant.

Fox in the hen house following the bob-tail.
There’s an unmarked police car following a semi truck without a trailer.

I’m 10-7 waiting on a draggin’ wagon.
I’m out of service waiting for a tow truck.

Make your trip a memorable one by creating lingo you’ll use ever after. Enjoy the summer breeze and keep the shiny side up! (Have a safe trip!)




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