Published: Jan 27, 2022

There’s nothing like the start of a new year to reinvigorate us. It seems like a fresh start, a time to make new plans, to do better than ever before, with another year of learning and experience to guide us.



Yes, there are challenges, but aren’t there always? If you scroll past the pandemic updates, the rest of the news has a familiar ring to it. The weather is bad; politicians are pointing fingers at one another about questionable behaviour; researchers are making great strides in cancer treatment; and, cat videos are very popular.

Perhaps the biggest difference in the world right now is that we are all fighting common enemies; not only the pandemic, but other global issues, like climate change and microplastic pollution. Countries are agreeing on a shared problem, and are working together to find and implement solutions.

Of course, there are also regional, local, and individual challenges too. But are any insurmountable?

When you’re using a navigation system in your vehicle and make a wrong turn or run into a detour, the voice announces that it is “recalculating.” It’s now going to find another route to get you to your intended destination. That’s a great way to think about goals and plans to reach those goals. You may have to make a few detours, but if that happens, you can recalculate – find another way to move towards your objective. You might even find a better, faster way!

We know that our clients, as well as consumers, rely on us to deliver the goods, literally. Our goal is to do that as quickly and efficiently as possible. We are determined to do better than ever this year, and we’re willing to recalculate as many times as it takes.

Our wish for you, is a 2022, that is better than ever, for you too!

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