Published: May 31, 2022

It may not feel like summer yet, but plan a vacation anyway! We all need some downtime to clear our heads, calm the anxiety, and reenergize. A holiday from “life as usual” comes at all price points, so if you need some ideas, read on.



For families with young children: Whether you’re short on funds or just want to avoid being locked in a car with your kids for that long trek to Grandma’s house, backyard camping can be fun. You can plan activities like a nature walk down the street, buy some craft sets, like a birdhouse to paint, and make dinner and smores on the barbeque. Pitch a tent and let the kids make up ghost stories. Parents can take turns sleeping out, leaving the other to have a night off. The best part is there’s no packing or unpacking, no road trips, and it’s a short walk to the potties.

For stressed out go-getters: Those 60-hour weeks at the office have drained your energy and standing in a long line at the airport isn’t something you’ll even consider. What you really want is a movie channel and room-service. Since you can have just about anything delivered these days, you don’t even need to go to a hotel. Make yourself comfy on the couch, order theatre popcorn and drinks, and there you have it! You can order in all of your meals and a housekeeper too, if you’re so inclined, and likely all for less than a plane ticket.

For the work at homers: Cabin fever is setting in and you have a constant urge to run, run like the wind! Understandable, but let’s do a bit of planning. A road trip is definitely in order, and being in nature will likely do you a world of good. So, camping comes to mind, but if you’re not really that outdoorsy, how about a few nights here and there in a B&B? Plan a loop route to some places you’ve never been, and explore! You’ll see new and different things in each place, and that’s the cure for the fever.

For the international adventurers: Have you ever wanted to go to Iceland? It’s a beautiful place to unwind, and this year they’re offering a unique bonus to visitors. This is perfect for those whose colleagues don’t understand that vacation means you are unavailable. While you are out sightseeing, an Icelandic horse will reply to your work emails. Seriously! You can choose from three horsey assistants to stomp out messages on a giant keypad. Of course, it’s all gobbledygook, and that’s what makes it so great! You can find out more about out-horsing your email here.

Have fun and give us a wave if you’re on the road!


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