Published: July 29, 2022

The trucking industry has been challenged with labour shortages for several years now. Since the pandemic and so called “Great Resignation,” that challenge is now widespread. What has often been overlooked in news reports though, is that the current lack of workers was predicted decades ago, and isn’t going to be resolved anytime soon.


While COVID sparked some resignations earlier than planned, the departure of baby boomers from the workforce was expected. Unfortunately, it’s not just that the boomers are retiring, but also that industries have evolved over decades with employee numbers that resulted from a phenomenon that we hope will never occur again – a world war.

So, what do we do now? Economists suggest that immigration is the solution. Perhaps over the long term, that will help, but labour shortages are impacting businesses now. The key, some others suggest, is making yourself a preferred employer. Workers have the advantage right now, and that’s being seen in wage and perk negotiations and in job jumping. That means that you not only have to attract workers, but also retain them.

While a cost-benefit analysis is warranted before using strategies that could be expensive, other tactics are basically free and can go a long way.

Make work meaningful

The lowliest of jobs on a social scale, is still critical to a business; otherwise, it wouldn’t be done at all. Taking the time to explain the importance of a task, how it facilitates other work or plays a part in the production of other products, give the job much more meaning than simply telling a new hire that their job is to make ten photocopies of every document that lands on their desk.

Show appreciation

The follow up to telling an employee that their job is important, is demonstrating that fact by thanking them for their good work. It only takes a few minutes to say something like, “I really appreciate you getting those copies made on short notice. The Board of Directors had a really important decision to make and needed to review all of the facts in that report.” Easy, and very impactful.

Include all jobs in your succession planning

A new job is often selected on the basis of the opportunities it presents for the future. A clear path to the next few promotions, training you’re willing to provide, and perhaps even assigning a mentor, show that you understand the desire for advancement and are willing to support those goals.

Transparent fairness

When promotional opportunities do arise, make sure you have a fair process in place to determine who gets the job; and, make every possible effort to hire from within. If you know that someone is expecting a shot at the job, and you know they don’t even have a chance, sit down and explain the reasons for that; and, help them do what’s needed to get them a promotion next time around.

Make it easier to work around personal and family challenges

Being able to work from home, even part of the week, is a big perk right now. It’s also an opportunity for you to hire some really talented people who just need that kind of flexibility. Alternative working hours, job sharing, and accommodation for health issues, may also be the thing that gets you selected as someone’s next employer.


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